When we hear of the last sayings of Christ we often think of the seven last sayings on the cross.  But I also think it is important for us to remember Jesus’ last words recorded by the John the Apostle in the book of Revelation.  In eschatological book the end times are discussed and such topics as the tribulation, the judgments of God, the final battle between God and Satan, and the second advent of Christ are all mentioned.  However, in Revelation 22, the last chapter in the Bible, Jesus makes four statements.  In three of those statements He uses these four words, “I am coming quickly,” which is something we should all pay attention to.  We all know early on as children that sometimes in the presence of siblings or friends we acted one way, but when our parents showed up we acted another way.  Our behavior seemed to always improve when our parents arrived on the scene.  Jesus reiterates to us that HE is coming quickly.  Let us live as if HE could show up any moment.  And that doesn’t mean just not doing things that are sinful but operating in love with all those around us, living in the will of God, caring for our neighbor, telling someone about the sacrifice of Jesus, studying the Bible, taking quality time to fellowship with other believers, praying, and letting our light shine in a dark world.


Be Blessed,

Pastor Adarrel Omar Fisher

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