On February 14th, 2018 Pastor Adarrel Omar Fisher representing MOR will be returning to Tanzania as a guest of the Mbeya Prison Ministry and Pastor Samuel Mwakasungula of the Iyunga Church of Christ and teach at a Ex-Inmates Prison Ministry conference, share prison ministry gleanings with local Chaplains and Ministers, and engage in hands-on ministry helping some of the most forgotten in the Tanzanian society who have been recently released from prison. After that we will be traveling to Malawi where the situation in the prisons is inhumane. We will be guests of Prisoner For Christ Ministry and Director Sydon Kalua, and conducting another prison conference and going inside adult and juvenile prisons.  We must not forget those who are incarcerated especially in struggling countries.  It is not uncommon for them to go without food, without proper ways to eliminate waste, without contact from their families, without contact from the outside world, without a set trial date to see if they will be convicted at all, without hope, and the list even continues when they exit prison as they are often still treated as sub-human, not given equal opportunities for employment, estranged from family, but yet we expect them to change and become law-abiding citizens.  A society is only as strong as its weakest link so we at Making Others Righteous Prison Ministries work with one of the most forgotten populations around the world (adult and juvenile inmates and recently released inmates) in order to strengthen society on a whole. Please continue to pray for us.  And feel free to support us financially by following this link as we look to educate, supply Bibles, supply food, supply toiletries, supply shelter, and more….

Quick Word of the Day:  And have you ever noticed how Satan shows up in the Garden of Eden in Genesis 3 and gets man and woman to sin, but doesn’t show up again in significant fashion until the Job 1 when he tries to get Job to sin…hundreds of years later.  But the effects of just one sin in the Garden multiplied throughout history in the meantime leaves a path of destruction…the flood wiping out the earth, 40 years roaming in the wilderness due to lack of faith, King David committing adultery and murder, etc, etc, etc.  Let us work to live lives that are pleasing unto the Lord by following the example of Jesus Christ and not let sin have any dominion!!!

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