We will be going to Kenya, Ethiopia, and Mozambique to help those who are incarcerated and survive off the kind donations of others and those who are orphans and at high risk for incarceration. We will be showing them the love of Jesus, supplying their need, encouraging them, and also helping those that are able to start and sustain viable businesses. Your help is needed. Donate Here.

Pastor Omar Fisher inside of a prison in Lilongwe, Malawi encouraging and feeding inmates.

During the pandemic we have been writing letters to inmates in the USA from prisons we have visited such as Eastham Prison in Lovelady, TX and the State Correctional Institute at Rockview in Belle Fonte, PA and even New Castle Correctional in New Castle, IN.  Along with writing inmates we have been helping inmates financially.  As you know the saying “out of sight, out of mind” and many of these men have been separated from their families and loved ones for the entire pandemic.  Visitation has been non-existent and many prisons operated on a schedule of only allowing the inmates out of their cells for one hour per day.  As society struggled to cope with the pandemic, those incarcerated struggled even more.  But it gave us numerous opportunities to encourage men with the love of Jesus and even lead men to a loving relationship with Jesus.  

Our work abroad also continued during the pandemic.  We worked with prison ministers in Lahore, Pakistan and Tete, Mozambique and Mzuzu, Malawi and Nairobi, Kenya.  We sent them tracts to print, funds to print the tracts, and also funds to purchase items for the inmates in their respective countries.  So we have been able to build and maintain relationships abroad.

We have also been working with former orphans in Nairobi, Kenya during the pandemic.  As you maybe aware.  In many countries all over the world when children age out of the orphanages they often end up on the streets which often leads to criminal behavior and incarceration.  This is a major issue in many poorer countries where the mortality rate is a lot lower than in the USA.  So we have been working with former orphans to encourage them and also help them start and maintain their own businesses so that they can become self-sufficient.  

With all of this said we will be traveling to Africa (Kenya and Mozambique) from May 21 to June 5th in order to reach the incarcerated and also to reach out to those who are in orphanages and those who have recently matriculated from the orphanage.  Our ultimate goal is to show the love of Jesus.  Our secondary goal is simply to help.  And we need your help to do so.  Any contribution is a blessing as we look to raise $10,000 for this project.  

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Member of The International Network of Prison Ministries