Jesus Christ lived a perfect life while on earth for 33 years in order to teach us as His followers how to live a sanctified life that is glorifying to the Lord. But have you ever noticed how often He as God-the-Son turned to God-the-Father in prayer? It seems ironic that He would even need to pray and as God he didn’t but as man He did. He prayed often, from the time He was tempted in the wilderness after spending 40 days in prayer in Matthew 4 to teaching His disciples to pray in Matthew 6 to one of His final prayers for His followers in John 17 to even while He was on the cross reaching out to The Father in prayer in Luke 23. There are many things Jesus gave us clear examples of but prayer is absolutely one of them. If Jesus being man and God dedicated Himself to prayer…how much more should we as simply men and women? Prayer simply is conversation with God. We speak to God in prayer and He speaks to us through His Word, His servants, through His Holy Spirit, etc. Prayer is the lifeline of the Christian. Just like a lamp must be plugged in to light up a room so we must be plugged in to light up the world and our power cord is prayer. There is POWER in prayer!!

“If you only pray when you are in trouble…then you are in trouble”

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