David was a righteous man and was blessed by God.  We are all familiar with God giving him the ability to kill the giant Goliath as a youth.  Before that David the shepherd had already defeated a bear and a lion.  David was anointed king of Israel even while Saul was still king.  Saul tried to kill him but it did not work.  David was promised by God that the Savior would come from his lineage.  David is responsible for over 30 of the Psalms.  Bethlehem is referred to by some as the city of David.  Many Jews still wear the star of David.  Yet King David was a murderer and an adulterer having taken a man’s wife and having that man killed in battle.  Yet David repented of his sins admitting to the prophet Nathan that he had sinned against God.  There are many lessons from the life of David, but the one lesson that continues to ring true with me is that no matter how great you are, you can fall, but you can also repent and the Lord will forgive you.

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