Word of the Week – Is He Lord??

The Word of God says in Luke 6:46, “And why ye call me Lord, Lord, and
do not the things which I say?”  One of the hot topics right now and
for the past few years it seems has been the whole gay marriage
debate.  Advocates try to claim that the fight for gay marriage is
similar to the fight for racial equality in this country and that
eventually the opponents will realize the error in their ways.  I had
someone tell me just today that Jesus never denounced homosexuality,
as a means for proving their pro-gay marriage argument and said those
against gay marriage are bigots suggesting that we are treating our
homosexual brothers and sisters unfairly.  Whether you believe it is
fair or unfair or if you believe the Bible’s stance on marriage is
outdated or if you believe that if two people love each other
unconditionally that’s all that matters, it really makes no
difference.  The truth is the Lord is against homosexuality and if you
call him Lord then your duty is to follow Him, trusting that His way
is better than your way or what may “seem” right to you.

The real question is, “Is He Lord of Your Life?”