Wait till you feel my God (x8)

Verse 1
They say ouuu he did it like that
Cause I’m righteous I can’t rap
But he ain’t even talk bout hard stuff
I’m a lover I ain’t no monster
I got that feeling in my soul
Get that good spirit and loose control
Not down with a gang gang
Chain chain Bang bang
Be by myself and still do the dang thang
God God Lord Lord gave me every thang thang

Chorus 1
Wait till you feel my God
Wait till you feel my God
You got to fill up on this God

Chorus 2 (repeat x2)
You got to f-f-feel it feel it f-f-feel feel it
Fill up on my God

Verse 2
He got that good love
He got that good peace
He got that good energy
Can fill me right up
And get me right up
mr. Christian in the party
They said, I shouldn’t dance
But I got all this room in my pants
So I wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle wiggle
Ain’t nothing wrong with that
I can shake shake
Clap Clap
I can Praise Praise
Rap Rap
Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it Get it
Do your thang don’t worry bout me
He got that good health
He got that good life
One day goin bless me with the good wife
He got that good way
He got that good son
Jehovah Jireh oh that’s the best one

Chorus 1
Wait till you feel my God
Wait till you feel my God
Wait till you feel my God
You got to fill up on my God

Chorus 2 (repeat x2)
You got to f-f-feel it feel it f-f-feel feel it
Fill up on my God



If you gonna say we came from the big bang theory then be ready when the fire comes to burn YOU! (Luke 12:49-50)

They try to teach me that evolution lead to the gorillas first
Before God created any life, this was a survival of the fittest earth
Saying man evolved from bacteria instead of God’s hands forming him from the dirt
But you want to teach me my complex DNA just somehow formed & worked
They want to turn my God into a fairy-tale for the people of the church
Telling me the reason I believe in God is because I can’t figure out how the science of life works
But you can’t tell me why the Carbon Molecules in our bodies are the same as in the earth
And why the Bible correctly predicts when we die we decompose back to the dirt
The science man want to teach me that we evolved from a bang
That out of all types of chaos the first molecules came
Learning how to combine and react like with like same with same
Until finally after millions of years, the humans began to reign
Do you realize the probability of that is almost insane
I have a problem with any theory that does not include My Lord’s name
I’m not an accident or coincidence and I refuse to play that game
I truly believe the first family was Adam and Eve, Able and Cain
The first man being formed before clouds could release rain (Genesis 2:5)
I fight for truth with the scepter, the staff, the sword and the cane
The only God that died for my sins and Jesus Christ is his name
My God is so real because he gives me peace and takes away my pain
He operates in a spiritual realm like the wind you can’t see but you can explain

But if you are gonna believe that the Lord created you then let him guide your walk and your ways!

If you’re gonna say that the Bible is not totally true then be ready when the fire comes to burn YOU!

Every scripture in the Bible has its purpose and its relevance
But they are quick to say the Bible is tainted, I say show me your evidence
We’re taught to forgive others so God can forgive our repentance (Lord’s Prayer)
We’re taught the spirit of giving is better than the spirit of acceptance (Acts 20:35)
That we are supposed to live off of faith not just some feeling or essence
If you are ashamed of Jesus before men he’ll be ashamed of you in the Father’s presence
The prophets precisely predicted my savior in the Old Testament
And then he came in the New and set a new precedence
Defeating the reign of Lucifer and his demonic pestilence
Taking the punishment for our sins so we can have communion with the Most High Excellence
Because he loves us
Now God doesn’t ask you to understand everything but to have faith and obedience
Just like you might not understand how a snack machine works but you still put in your 80 cents
To understand you read the manual and that’s what the Bible represents
As you realize he’s not trying to steal your freedom, but guiding your independence
Your trust in the Lord will return in blessings 7 fold, and 6 pence
One day I put my faith and joy in the Word and it hasn’t failed me since

But if you are gonna believe the Bible and let it guide you on what to do then Be ready for the blessings it says!

If you are gonna say the Holy Spirit is not real then be ready when the fire comes to burn YOU!

People are quick to say its fake when someone is filled with the Holy Ghost
They’ll believe in demons and darkness but call healing miracles a hoax
Because they can’t fathom that healing can happen without some prescription dose
Well then somebody tell me the formula for those cold nights when I can’t cope
When I can reach and touch a whole lot of bodies, but to my body nobody’s close
When I have to choose between paying your rent, phone bill, or car note
Or when I have my life in my hands counting down cinco, quarto, tres, dos…
My sword is drawn, I’m prepared for battle, to defend my post
Because the Holy Spirit is the innocent Sweet Comforter sent by the Lord of Host
To reveal the truth to me, give prosperity, and give you guidance most Holy
Truths that the Spirit revealed to me my school books couldn’t show me
God has spoken prophecy to me through people who didn’t even know me
Helped me to love others quickly and my anger develops even more slowly
Helped me to take my secular lyrics clean it up and make righteous poetry
Helped me to find a beautiful queen that would make me stronger and also grow with me
All praises to the Most High, The Creator, The Lord One and Only

But if you are gonna believe in the Holy Ghost then be ready when he fills you with power for the rest of your days!

Luke 12:49-50
I have come to bring fire to the earth, and, oh, that my task were completed! There is a terrible baptism ahead of me, and how I am pent up until it is accomplished!

Genesis 2:5
There were no plants or grain growing on the earth, for the Lord God had not sent any rain.



People don’t want to say Christian because it causes division
Righteous, righteous, righteous
People don’t want to say Christian because it leads to opposition
Righteous, righteous, righteous
People don’t want to say Christian because it’s a specific position
Righteous, righteous, righteous

Because when I say I’m Christian
I really mean that I’m a Christian
People realize I’ve taken a position
This righteous poetry is my mission
They realize I follow Christ and I’m not ok with all religions
Jesus’ Love I must speak of, but its your choice to pay attention
Some people like it but some don’t and get such an evil disposition
The names you call me or accusations won’t get me to change my decision
You might have a weapon, but I got the ammunition
I’m not scared, I’m not afraid, I’m not broke, And I ain’t chicken
I’m not here to play in your game “Let’s wait till he Fails” Competition
If I do make a mistake I will ask for your forgiveness
But I’m gonna say Christian (repeat x2)
Let me show you what it means…

[alternate chorus]
Because when I say Christian
I really mean that I’m a Christian
Some people like and some people don’t like

They realize I’m in position
Righteousness is my mission
And that I follow my Christ

Jesus’ Love I speak of, but its your choice to pay attention
I can’t force on you what I think right

I’m not scared, I’m not afraid, I’m not broke, And I ain’t chicken
And I won’t sleep with any man’s wife
His Son came down from heaven and showed us love living
So the Lord could be Lord of our life

I’m not here to play your game “Let’s wait till he Fails” Competition
So boy step out of my sight

And I can boom down corruption like a stick of dynamite
Because He’ll fight every battle I fight

I’m not scared, I’m not afraid, I’m not broke, And I ain’t chicken
Because when I walk I walk in the Light

A from mi bun chi chi man and we go bun sodemite
And everybody bawl out seh that’s right (It’s alright)
And when mi bun hypocrite and we mi bun parasite
And everybody bawl out seh that’s right (It’s alright)
And when mi boom dung corruption wid a stick a dynamite
And everybody bawl out seh that’s right (It’s alright)
Mi go a stage show a DJ and tune yah last night
And everybody bawl out seh that’s right

Why is it if you kill an unborn child
Its not murder
Its not murder
So a lady can kill her baby but if somebody kills a pregnant lady
Its two murders
Its two murders
We complain we don’t have the cure to cancer or aids but we’re killing potential wisdom
There is not a child alive or a situation where there was not someone trying to love them
I must stand up and say I don’t believe we should be killing the unborn little children
Exodus 20 it says thou shalt not kill
Thou shalt not steal
Thou shalt not lie
Thou shalt not covet
Thou shalt not commit adultery
I bet you’d stop if they start putting 2nd degree baby killers in prison
Murder is murder whether its by a gun, a car, or a doctor’s incision
I know its not popular but death is death to anything that’s living
Its not your choice to decide because God gives the miracle of life
The same God that gives us light
And I must follow the Word of God even if your free choice doesn’t think its right

Chorus (+half of intro)

Noah was the only righteous
So God brought the flood, washed the evil
The said Man with man
Then towers fell and they returned to God
One day
Persecuted the believers for years
Then Tsunami came and they prayed
One day
They took God out the schools
They said you could pledge alligence to America but not to God
They said public prayer is against the rules
They said you can’t read the Bible in class as your book
They said we can’t spank our children
They began teaching protection instead of abstinence
Now our children are forced
To Pay
Now our children are getting
Blown Away
I’m not here to tell you the road to heaven is found in every religion
If you want politically correct you can go call your politician
Try to make a new law with all the signatures you can on a petition
But I’m going to say its right to be a Christian and its wrong not to be Christian
If you don’t believe me the proof is in our Children
You want me to make it sound like all choices are good but this is a decision
How can adults remain undecided when our kids are deciding to do killings
If you disbelieve its not against me, its against the Word you’re having the collision

CHORUS + half intro

People say that religion causes division
When a group of people go out dancing they can be divided on the music but you make a decision
When a group of people go shopping they can be divided on clothing but you make a decision
When you go to Vote you choose based on the beliefs or party but you make a decision
When you go to the movies you can’t sit in two theatres at once you have to make a decision
When you go to college you choose based on money, major, and location but you make a decision
When you sit down to eat you can be divided between carnivore and vegetarian but you make a decision
God can change a player into a man and put him in a righteous position
His words cut down deep in between a man’s soul and spirit with holy precision
He can cure illnesses with just prayer when doctors have pulled the plug on your living
One touch of a staff can make oceans stand up against invisible walls
I can’t understand at all why so many fight against being Christian




When 5-O hit the crib bruh
Drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot
Drop it like it’s hot
When the cops try to get at ya
Park it like it’s hot
Park it like it’s hot
Park it like it’s hot
And if M.O.R.’s in the spot we
Rock it hot
We rock it hot
We rock it hot
I got the cuffs on my arm and my boys long gone
Mr. Officer it wasn’t me you got it all wrong

[Verse – 1]
Uh! I’m a nice dude, with some nice dreams
I was chilling, like some Ice Cream?
I’m thirsty, please pass my coke
Why my eyes red, cause I just awoke
I promise, I just got out of bizzed
Heard banging at the door and I ran with my liggezed
I can excercise you, chasing is good Phys. Ed
Get in shape, that’s how you get ahizzead
Killer on the beat, I know killers in the street
Wit the steel, but that ain’t me, I’m chilling in the heat
So why you try to run up on my ear talking all that get ya hands up
Why ya wake ya man’s up
When I take you to court they gonna make you stand up
You should think about it, take a second
Matter fact, you could take a tip from me
Just cause the skin is black doesn’t mean he’s guilty


[Verse – 2]
I’m so saved, but y’all knew that
Da Big Baptism, I had to do that
I keep a white flag hanging out my backside
Peace from the east side, yeah that’s the best side
Ain’t no other way to play the game the way I play
Switch CD’s so much you thought I was a DJ
[scratches] “two!” – “one!” – three –to the four
M.O.R. Yall – Want – More!
I can’t fake it, just break it, and when I take it
Got poetry to make sure my young queens don’t get pregnant
Of course officers, all of y’all come inside
We got a world premiere right here, now get live!
So don’t change the dizzle, turn it up a little
I read the Good Book so I can solve life’s riddles
Waiting on the Fizzle, the Jizzle and the Holy Spizzle
Got G’s to the bizzack, ohh here we gizzo


[Verse 3]
I’m a Bad Boy, could neva say no
Drive my own car, and wear my own clothes
I pray hard, watch for the fake Boss
Don’t sleep on Satan, that sucka so sharp
On the TV screen and in the magazines
Put you on a pedestal, then dissolve your dreams
Oh you’s a gangsta so you wanna pop back?
He got demon legion, your vest can’t stop that!
Cement shoes, now he’s on the move
Your family’s crying, now you on the news
They can’t find you, and now they miss you
Must I remind, Satan’s only here to trick you
Tempt you, sift you, dip you, then kill you
Then bring you onto Hell when he’s finally through with you
That’s Biblical, get yo issue
Flip them pages, let me see how you get loose!


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