Hello My Faithful Friends.  We have been blessed to have developed a relationship with Reverend Prabhakar Yelchuri in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh located on the eastern coast of INDIA.  Reverend Yelchuri does ministry for prisoners and their families and also spreads tracts to the 73 Pastors in his community to spread out to the people.  He has already translated one of Making Others Righteous’ messages, “Capture Your Thoughts” into their Telugu language and with our help of $100 has been able to print and distribute 10,000 copies.  Reverend Yelchuri wrote me saying how powerful the message was and how they are anticipating more tracts and more Christ-inspired messages from Making Others Righteous.  We are trying to raise another $500 so that we can further this ministry and also print out and distribute copies of our next message, “Why Are You Settling For Second?”  As a donor to this ministry yo have the option of having your name or ministry acknowledged on the tract.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is working in India but we need help.  We would like to raise $500 for this ministry to keep the tracts going out to prisoners, their families, and the Visakhapatnam community.  Please contact me at odiggimus@makingothersrighteous.com if the Lord is leading you to donate.

Here are some responses to the tracts so far…

Letter No: 1

On August 20th 2014, I have received this letter from Mr. Deevakar Tathapudi, Anakapalli village, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh.

My name is Deevakar Tathapudi and aged 27 years old, and had studied till 8th class. Sorry to inform you that I lost my father at my very young age itself, from then on my mother was working as a Nurse in a private hospital, thus looked after by educating me and my brother Sudhakar, as we had no father, this led to go astray for both of our brothers, by indulging in bad habits, the foremost being consuming alcohol, in a way were immuned to alcoholism, in intoxication were mainly involved in picking up fights in the bar and wine shops, similarly we were booked in cases by the cops. Due to this bad and rude behaviour, my mother was unable to bear the torture, therefore she put us away from my home, even the neighbours and villagers daily use to curse us and would abuse us with filthy and slang words. In this way we had a bad reputation among the public, lastly even the villagers also discarded us from the village. Thereafter, we moved away to another village for our livelihood. When we are continuing our lives in that village, there we confronted a pastor, who gave us a Telugu tract, which belongs to Christianity, it title was “Capture Your Thoughts”, reading the tract, we came to know the truth. Through this tract God spoke to us, showed mercy on us, and brought a great change in us, by removing our blindness and opened the spiritual eyes. Thus we came to know the real God. We left all of our sins, and we decided to follow Him only. Immediately we left the habit of drinking. Truly your tract has changed entire our lives, now we get reconciled with my mother and now we are very happy. Thanking you.


Letter No: 2

On August 16, 2014 I have received this letter from Appa Rao, K. Kotapadu Village, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh.

My name is Appa Rao Gopisetty, aged 39 years old, I studied till 10th class. Along with my family, we are residing at K. Kotapadu village. My profession is to weave baskets, shovels, out of bamboos. I use to take these materials to the market to sell, and use to earn money, from the earnings, I return back to my village and spent all the money to consume country alcohol. In this way I became a habituated drunkard. I tried several times to avoid this dirty habit, but could not do so. Unable to bear this dirty habit of mine, even my wife left me and went away to her parents’ home, and left an ultimatum for me that if I stop drinking then only she will return back. Till now it has 2 years passed of my wife going away. As I was unable to bear the loneliness, the drinking habit has become more. In this way my life is day to day nearing to destruction. In this devastating situation, a Christian brother gave me your tract “Capture Your Thoughts” which was in Telugu language. Read the same word by word, after reading it, what I have realised that this tract has been exclusively printed by God for me. After reading the tract I shed tears. Immediately I repented for my wrong doings, and decided to accept Lord Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour. I gave up the drinking habit also. I took a decision to attend the church every Sunday. Even I went to my wife and told her that by grace of God I got salvation, hearing this, she felt so happy in seeing the change in me, and get ready to come along with me. I really confirm that your tract has completely changed my life. Thanking you. Please pray for me.


Letter No: 3

On August 21, 2014 I have received this letter from Kishore Kumar Palivel;a, Sabbavaram village, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh, India.

My name is Kishore Kumar Palivela, aged 25 years old, I studied till 10th class. Still I am not married and I am a bachelor. I am staying with my parents in a small village by name Sabbavaram. After completion of my education, I use to work as a painter and was supporting my parents. Besides I was a daily labourer and use to get my pay in the same day evening itself after completing the work. My Co-labourers were addicted to drinking of alcohol, thus I too gradually started adopting this bad habit at my teenage itself. This habit lead me to spend the entire money on drinking, and if my parents use to ask me for the daily wages, I use to tell them like this that today my owner has not paid me anything. On the contrary I was involved in street fights in my village, thus day by day my life started spoiling. In fact, many marriage alliances did come, but owing to my bad habits, people were afraid to give their daughter in marriage to me.

One day, as usual when I was going for my labour work, on the way, a pastor distributing Gospel tracts to all walks people, I also received a tract “Capture Your Thoughts” from him and this was in Telugu language, and while walking to my destination I am reading this tract. After reading the same, I did not throw away, but folded the same and put in my pocket, because the first reading I could not properly understand. Hence I thought of going through it with concentration during the lunch break, now I could able to understand completely. Reading it I was startled, it opened my eyes, I realised that drinking had spoiled my entire life, and I came to know that due to this drinking how my marriage also broke. Then immediately I told to my parents that hereafter I will not touch liquor ever in my life, and sought forgiveness from my parents. Hearing this, they too were astonished, and then immediately I showed them the tract taking out of my pocket, they too read this tract very interestingly. Moreover, this was the first time in our lives that we read a Christian tract, as we belong to Hindu religion. Therefore, me along with my parents became ready to believe Lord Jesus Christ. Further, I request you to kindly send me some more of these valuable tracts if available with you, and please send them by post. Definitely I will read those tracts and I will learn more about God. Thanking you.

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